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‘40s Lone Star Quilt

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‘40s Lone Star Quilt. wonderful completely hand stitched cotton quilt made from a variety of prints in muted rainbow tones. this quilt is in near perfect shape and was very well taken care of. large "lone star" in the center surrounded by blue floral cotton fabric. seen on a full. would also look wonderful displayed on the wall. measures around 65" x 74". this is an heirloom quilt and not a cutter!

the eight point star is one of the oldest and most recognizable quilt patterns. it was brought from england to settlements in north america in the mid 1700s - where the motif was known as the "mathmatical star". as europeans moved west through north america the art of quilting was introduced to lakota/souix people, and missionaries taught native americans how to sew quilts. it was tradition for buffalo hides to be dyed and adorned with star patterns and exchanged, but when buffalos became extinct the lakota's turned to quilts. and so the eight point star motif was adopted and became know as "wičháȟpi owíŋža" or "star"- and is often referred to as a "lone star" today. the star serves as a representation of honor and generosity. each piece in the quilt represents a person, and when you are gifted a quilt you are reminded that each person is watching over you. these quilts are traditionally exchanged during "giveaways" or significant life events such as births, graduations, or funerals.